Buy 3 Hull Calendars & Get Free Postage & 1 Hull Dictionary for Free

  • Buy 3 Hull Calendars & Get Free Postage & 1 Hull Dictionary for Free

Ideal Christmas stocking fillers for friends and family is this 3 Calendar pack.

For purchasing 3 calendars we will give you 1 x Hull Dictionary for free worth £3.95 and will post all 4 items out to you with free postage, total saving over £8 on this bulk buy.

You will receive;

3 x Hull 2021 calendars (save £1.85)
1 x Hull Dictionary (save £3.95)
Free Postage & Packing (£2.25)

The Hull 2021 calendar showcases Hull's humour and dialect in this incredible work of mastery. The Hull humour and dialect form part of Hull's uniqueness and this calendar showcases these innate qualities to the world. Each of the twelve months have been uniquely designed with a quirky retro theme that is sure to be a talking point on any wall.

Feel free to share this with your friends and family and share the Hullness. The calendar has been printed in limited supply this year, so if you would like to own one we strongly advise you to order sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.

Hull Dialect (scroll down for translation)

JANUARY = "Arfa larga & larm"
FEBRUARY = "Cockled ova"
MARCH = "Pattie, chips & scraps"
APRIL = "Larkin out down tenfoot"
MAY = "Bool the bain"
JUNE = "Gizza Croggy"
JULY = "On Meolidiz"
AUGUST = "It's Mafting"
SEPTEMBER = "Chip Spice"
OCTOBER = "Hull Fair"
NOVEMBER = "Goin on rerd"
DECEMBER = "Season Greetings from ULL"

Translation from 'Ull to English ...

JANUARY = Half a lager and lime cordial
FEBRUARY = Fallen over (usually after one too many in Hull's Old Town)
MARCH = Hull's number one delicacy which is deep fried potato with herbs of sage and onion
APRIL = Playing out down the 10ft space behind people's gardens and garages
MAY = To push a small child in a pushchair
JUNE = To ride as passenger on someone else's bicycle
JULY = On my holidays (in Hull)
AUGUST = It's very hot and humid
SEPTEMBER = Hull's special seasoning for chips giving a scrumptious and fabulous taste
OCTOBER = Europe's oldest and largest travelling funfair
NOVEMBER = To buy groceries on one of Hull's main shopping roads
DECEMBER = Season Greetings from Kingston upon-Hull

All images have been photographed in Hull and include the following locations. Hull's Old Town, Queen Victoria Square, Hessle Road, Hull Marina, a West Hull Tenfoot, Boulevard, Hessle Foreshore and Walton Street.

Own your own piece of Hull forever the response to this calendar has been amazing. Laughter is the feedback we thrive on !!!

Size is 15cm across by 34cm down. Full colour high quality design and artwork.

Calendars are cellophane wrapped.