• Image of Hull Twin Pack - Hull 2020 Calendar & Hull Dictionary

We have brought two of our most popular Hull products together in this set.

The Hull Dictionary is being regarded as the biggest book launch ever in the city. It really is time for Hull to shine in the spotlight.

The Hull Dictionary is sure to bring tears of laughter to the recipients face. The time has come to showcase Hull's uniqueness to the world and its time to celebrate the quirky dialect.

Featuring over 30 Hull popular dialect phrases:

A6 size, 44 pages, matt laminate cover and many quirky Hull themed illustrations.

Also included is The Official Hull Humour 2020 Calendar

The Hull humour calendar is the ideal perfect Christmas gift for those with a great sense of fun. Also great stocking fillers for Hull expats living around the globe.

*1) JANUARY - 'Hull Womens' Love for Patties'
*2) FEBRUARY - 'Hull's a Hidden Gem'
*3) MARCH - 'Hull Street Signs Lose The H and Become 'ULL'
*4) APRIL - 'UFO Spotted Over The Humber'
*5) MAY - 'Hull Gets It's Own Dictionary'
*6) JUNE - 'Hull's No.1 Hull City Fan?' (Man paints his house black and amber)
*7) JULY - 'Mafting Alert!!!'
*8) AUGUST - 'Hull Couple Choose to Holiday at Hessle Foreshore Instead of Hawaii'
*9) SEPTEMBER - 'Chip Spice Shortage After Hull Expat Stockpiles Thousands of Tubs
*10) OCTOBER - 'Look What's Returning to Hull' - (???)
*11) NOVEMBER - 'Gizza Croggy' - Hull Directors ditch their car to save the planet
*12) DECEMBER - 'Santa Ditches his Reindeer and Turns one of Hull's Unique Cream Phone Boxes into a Tardis to Deliver Christmas Presents Across Hull'

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